Distraction Is A Bit More Common to Female Teen Drivers in comparison with Men

How young adults act when driving is the subject of a research created by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. Aptly known as Distracted Driving Among Newly Licensed Teen Driver. In this specific study, a video recorder was positioned in the vehicle to be able to monitor and determine the cause of potential accidents where teenager drivers are involved. As it was previously shown in this blod that the number one cause of death among the young ones these days is auto accidents.

Among the visible things that were found by AAA throughout the study, actions when driving were shown. What precisely they conduct while driving hampers their ability to focus. These unnecessary activities include texting and calling, putting makeup on their faces, and many other things. There are even several who were seen to be reaching for things from any part of the automobile.

One of the main interruptions of teen drivers whilst driving is their electronic devices. Almost a quarter percentage of teens violate this stringent driving protocol. But not only that, lots of older teens were also doing this themselves.

It was found in this research that female teenagers use greater amounts of their time in using mobile phones and other electronics compared to males that is why gender is considered as an essential factor. Drinking, eating, as well as reaching for stuffs while driving is very distracting, which is also discovered that female teen drivers do this more frequently than teenage male drivers.

What was specifically interesting was the finding that whenever parents or adults were in the vehicle, distracting behavior among the teens decreased. In the presence of their peers, they feel they have more freedom to choose what they want such as distracting behaviors. If the passengers are teens, distracting activities increase since no authority figure impose any restrictions.

This study isn’t astonishing since the number of accidents because of distracted driving is rising. Our office congratulates all of the efforts of lawmakers, educators and people who help decrease distracted driving behaviors in South Florida’s streets. Nevertheless, there is far more to achieve in protecting passengers, drivers, and also pedestrians. accident lawyer