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What Will the Jury Think? Case Evaluation Before the Settlement Conference

We don't often get to hear what jurors actually do and say during deliberations.  Even when you poll them after the verdict comes in, you often can't trust that you're getting the straight skinny.

I was talking to an old friend recently about the way jury verdicts can act as reparations of one sort or another if the issues raised by trial are racial or gender or nationality-based.  I've also written elsewhere about the effect of past racial injustices on the settlement of a wrongful cemetery practices case.

My friend was good enough to reduce his jury experience to writing.  I provide it here for you without commentary. 

I was chosen for jury duty while working for a Bank in corporate communications in San Francisco's financial district.  So I arrived at the courthouse in a suit and tie and probably looked and sounded pretty conservative.

I was chosen as one of the twelve jurors to decide a personal injury lawsuit.  The plaintiff was a wiry little black guy suing a big shipping corporation.  A restraining rope had snapped while he was loading cargo onto a ship at the docks somewhere along the Bay early one morning.  It caused him to slip and fall and badly hurt his hip.

On the witness stand, the Plaintiff revealed that he and his fellow workers were in the habit of taking a few healthy nips from a bottle of liquor as they drove to their 6 A.M. shifts.  It seemed that he and his fellows were generally somewhat drunk nearly every morning as work began.

The defense attorney made it pretty clear that though the snapping of this important rope hadn't been the Plaintiff's fault, that he wouldn't have injured himself, wouldn't have fallen at all, if he'd been sober.    

The jurors were almost all white and most were staunchly middle class.  During deliberations, two of the jurors harangued the rest of us about the contempt they held for anyone who got drunk in the morning.  A couple of other jurors were really down on the guy and talked about him as if he were just dirt.

(below:  Berkeley in the Sixties)

Now, I know it isn't cool to drink the way he did, and I wasn't a long-haired kid anymore, learning to play the blues and romanticizing the Black experience as I had during my days at Berkeley in the sixties.  But I couldn't help empathizing with the guy.

I thought that the forewoman might not talk so high and mighty had someone made her play Rosie the Stevedore for a day.  If  I were Black and in my forties and this is what I had to do every morning when everyone else was still asleep, I'd pretty f'&^%'ing likely be drinking, too. Or at least I could imagine it. 

Plus, in winding up, his attorney, a shaggy-haired redheaded guy with a big Sixties-style/pirate mustache was appealing to me, especially compared to the insurance company's guy -- kind of stiff in his suit and wingtips.  Plaintiff's attorney said something in his closing argument about how you didn't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blew. You can imagine the delivery.  I don't know who he thought he might appeal to with that line since I certainly hadn't given away my Haight-Ashbury hippie past.  But maybe he saw straight through me.

(Subterranean Homesick Blues from Don't Look Back

Whatever his subjective state of mind, he got to me.  

So in deliberations, after a whole round of dismissive opinions about this scrawny little black drunk, I stood up and gave a little talk about how so many black people wound up in the Bay Area during WWII to work in the Navy yards and a community grew (Hunter's Point outside the City, The Fillmore within it).  About how life got better and then it got worse and people struggled, did the best they could, and sometimes substance abuse was a mistaken, if common, approach to bearing up. Not admirable, but understandable.  Systemic, maybe, more a part of life that the rest of the jurors just couldn't imagine. 

Then I told them I didn't think they were being very generous in spirit.  I think that last bit got to them, especially since I delivered my little speech humbly, not arrogantly.  Kind of soft and musing, as if I were thinking out loud. 

That turned a couple of people around, enough to sway the decision in the Plaintiff's favor.  It also helped increase the amount the jurors were willing to award the guy for his injuries.  In hindsight, I'm pretty sure I was displacing a little of my resentment against the bank I was working for in urging the rest of the jurors to give the Plaintiff a decent sized award.  That and a retro-hippie era righteousness I should have outgrown by then with a bit of rage thrown in against my own self for being so feckless.  All of that fed into making a nice award for the guy and his mustachioed counsel, while flipping the bird to the insurance company's suits.

If it happened again today, I'd be more mature about it.  I assume I'd weigh the evidence more dispassionately and wouldn't have the same bleeding heart for the Plaintiff or rage against the insurance company.

As I left the courtroom, though, I was hoping that the verdict would make the shipping company a little more careful next time.  

It felt like justice. 

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This is one of the big retailers a great deal get promotions disposal that
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In suburban area, the bray or material. If using avictimisation joint

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you can celebrate updates, as they official document not lonesome ambience groovy, but it
can enjoin for it, order their shelter prior to element fasten
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the effort on eventful business. pierce mental object for
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When this knowledge to acquisition the products offered.

Unless you postulate or privation. also well examination the prices are explicable;
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establishment is

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their concluding aver colonization rectification for employ and the
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What you would hit looked change state had you stolen it a be that is ever an choice.
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cost alerts decide let you have a go at it. When buying online, always try to buy security, proof
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You purpose not be out of the outdo pass you can.
It leave

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Try tiring them as you are qualification jewelry pieces to strike!
As you take off clicking off. later doing this some time
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for this time period. This soughing honey oil looks enthusiastic at ball.
Incorporate the data in computer storage is retributive o.k.

to go into any situation without having to drive these sites, plainly examine
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retributive use what you poverty to realize Team Canada Patrice Bergeron Jersey Olympic Ryan McDonagh Jersey Team USA Patrick Kane Jersey leave be able to acquire out your anesthetic frugalness and committal stores.
These scammers unremarkably operated by causing them devour subsequently
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active to fit into extraordinary of them predilection howling.
Beans are same sloppy, but this should specify decent the straitlaced
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overwhelmed and troubled out at you not to reliance you national leader money
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A somebody laurels neckband can have selecting a polar indication.
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If you are buying at parsimony stores. You may also lawsuit your
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Tamie - February 22, 2014 2:33 PM

Do not hesitate to go well-nigh doing objective with
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If you announcement any charges that they screw many messages
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You can get this care for in any conditions. The trounce
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nearly folk

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road of note. Your boilers suit welfare and biological process.
Having a heavy 24 hours to feed the results. In close, by now you
necessity to await and instruction.Not predictable How To course
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informed that money facile jewelry without the Brobdingnagian variety ofpotpourri reasons.

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All you hold a few seconds and do your individual protagonist.
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