The Mediation of Family Law Matters

Mediation in regard to family law situations can many times cause the necessity of a fully litigated court battle to be set aside. Mediation simply means that with the help and assistance of a court mediator, the two parties, such as a divorce proceeding, can get things worked out by simply sitting down and discussing things. 

Let’s face it, most divorces are not happy family events, and both parties may feel that things have spun so far out of control that there is no hope. The success of as mediation event can run all the way from zero success, to working out a compromise situation to a couple getting back together and keeping the marriage intact. 

Emotions run at high levels with any divorce situation because here we are splitting apart a once trustworthy relationship and to have that shattered is a devastating blow to all concerned. Both spouses have drawn the line around what they consider to be their last stand, and any threat of giving ground is a possible threat to the ego, person and position that they have each taken.  

A good mediator will always seek to move the moment to a higher level to the point where both spouses can come to some kind of agreement that will benefit both parties, and which will be the best decision for any children that are involved. 

This can seem a lot of money that would have been paid to lawyers, leaving more funds available to meet immediate family needs. The empowerment of the affected parties to make better and more educated decisions for the good of all is encouraged and many times accomplished. 

All of the issues regarding what is going to happen next are discussed. These items would include alimony, child support, divisions of debts, property distributions, including the home, business separations and streams of incomes, if there is a business involved, and any other issues that the parties want to bring up. 

Mediators can be lawyers, but they don’t have to be. Trained persons can obtain certification in Family Law Mediation, and many do, which lightens the burden on the courts, as well as the people who are getting the divorce. 

Mediation can take place before a divorce is filed to see it things can be worked out. The mediator can explain to the couple what the ramifications are likely to be if they do follow through with the divorce, and in many cases this can cause the couple to reconsider and give it a good try to stay together rather than go through with the divorce. 

When a couple sees all of the red tape and problems that ensue when a divorce takes place, there are good reasons to reconsider and think things through a little bit more thoroughly. Many problems that married couples have can be worked out, but if not, going the way of mediation rather than the lawyer route can be a saving factor in both expenses and emotional turmoil.