Where Do You Host Your Lawyer Videos?

With the quantity of user-generated videos growing exponentially, a number of video hosting websites have sprung up over the last few years. Essentially, the hosting website puts the user’s video on its own website, sparing the user the expense and hassle of doing so himself. There are many other advantages to hosting videos on these websites, but the vast majority of them are next-to-useless for lawyer videos. For a lawyer to use a generic hosting website, it would look unprofessional and likely be confusing to the viewer, who would have to leave the lawyer’s website in order to view the video. Fortunately for lawyers, new hosting websites designed specifically for lawyers and people in need of legal help are  now available. Here are some advantages to hosting your lawyer videos on legal directories.

1                    If you lack the web space to host your own videos, then you need an alternative. With more and more lawyers posting videos online, you risk missing out on new client opportunities by waiting on the sidelines. With video legal directories out there, lack of bandwidth is no excuse.

2                    Even if you’re currently hosting your videos, you can gain additional exposure. Even if you’ve got all the web space in the world and are already hosting your own videos, using an attorney directory will give your videos another place where they can be seen—and seen by visitors who are specifically seeking legal help.

3                    It will improve your search engine ranking. Google uses a complicated algorythim to determine its search engine rankings, but every outside website that links directly to your website improves your ranking. Using a lawyer specific hosting website will help bump your firm’s website up in the standings.

4                    It’s significantly easier to upload video. The interfaces of video hosting websites are generally far superior to that of doing it yourself, which requires programming knowledge. While there are websites that can instruct you, you may not have the time to learn the process.

5                    Viewers can share your videos across a variety of social media networks. With the click of a button, someone viewing your lawyer videos can email, digg, tweet, messenger, and post to Facebook that same video. While chances that your lawyer video will become true viral sensations are slim, that doesn’t mean that a friend of a friend of someone who viewed your video might not be in need of a lawyer like you. The more possibilities your video has of getting out in front of people, the more likely it is to have an impact.

6                    It’s affordable. Compared to the cost of buying commercial air time on television, using a video directory to host your lawyer videos is incredibly inexpensive—and the potential audience base is much bigger.

No matter your situation, using an attorney directory that hosts lawyer videos is a good move for your firm. It will increase your firm’s exposure, build your online presence, and create more opportunities for prospective clients to find out about you.